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Hargeisa, Somaliland


WADAAG Investment is a pioneering investment company which aims to be the leading Investor in the republic of Somaliland by delivering halal investment solutions to its investors.

WADAAG Investment strives to further its Investments in companies operating industries and diversify its portfolio to include a variety of sectors, including: manufacturing, education, healthcare, trading, hospitality and significantly increase its real estate portfolio. While the Group endeavors to promote sustainable development by conserving energy, materials, and resources. Moreover, and take active measures to ensure its activities are conducted in an environmentally conscious manner, and to incorporate the relevant environmental safety precautions.

We are committed to provide the most comprehensive services with an unsurpassed level of integrity and skill for our valued clients. Our consistent attention to the key deliverables of client satisfaction, timeliness, accuracy and a clear perspective of nurturing long term relationships have ensured that we have satisfied clients throughout our projects.

WADAAG Investment   waa shirkad  maalgashi oo ay curiyeen muwaadiniin reer Somaliland ah,  waxaa la-aasaasay sanadka 2021 waxaanay ka diiwaan gashantahay Jamuuriyadda Somaliland. WADAAG  Investment  waxay   hiigsanaysaa inay noqoto  shirkad ku-suntan maalgashiga, horumarka dhaqaalaha iyo curinta mashaariic tayo leh.   WADAAG waxay u-taagantay  maalgelinta  mashaariicda kala duwan sida: Warshadaha, Xoolaha, Beeraha, Waxbarasada, Caafimaadka iyo Ganacsiyada yar-yar.

SHIRKADDA MAALGASHIGA EE WADAAG waa shirkad ku dhisan Saamiyo  lawada-leeyahay, Saamilayda  waxaanu  u-fidineynaa  mashaariic si-xirfad leh loodiyaariyey  oo ay maalgashadaan. Maamulka sare ee WADAAG Investment waa khubaro aqoon iyo waayo-aragnimo  qotadheer uleh  maareynta   maalgashiga iyo maamulka  mashaariicda

main principles

Our Ethics & Values

Our values define who we are and how we work with our partners.


Exhibiting honesty and genuineness in all what we do


Exhibiting honesty and genuineness in all what we do


We focus on finding solutions and achieving results while taking responsibility for our actions and its outcome


We strive excellence by delivering high quality, outstanding solutions, products and services

Our Vision | HIRAAL

“Creating a new pioneering vision of investment which leads to economic development.”

“Hidaalinta  Aragtiyo Maalgashi  oo Horleh iyo Horseedka Hormar Dhaqaale.”

Our Mission | HIIGSI

“Creating viable investment for shareholders and implement projects which brings economic development and create jobs for the youth.”

“Abuuridda Fursado maalgashi oo wax ku ool u ah saamilayda iyo  hirgalinta mashaariic ka-qayb qaata koboca dhaqaalaha iyo shaqa-abuurka.”

Our Objects

  • Investing in development projects.
  • Implementing affordable shares
  • To carryout a full study and risk analysis before a project is financed.
  • To give Priority and target resources to production projects.
  • To create an environment where different regions compete in the finances of projects which are well researched and documented.
  • To unlock the potential of the community in delivering growth and stability.
  • To invest in inclusive projects which assists the local people to engage and fully participate in the economy.
our team

Our Leaders

Our leaders are experts in financial service, banking, insurance and Investment Management. Our Team will help you see the world differently, discover opportunities you may never have imagined and achieve results that bridge what is with what can be.